The firm “Zabban – Notari – Rampolla & Associati” was founded in 2001 by the union of three notary firms:

  • the Zabban firm, present in Milan since 1992, that took over from the Zanuso firm, where the notary Filippo Zabban had carried out his services since 1988;
  • the Notari firm, started in Milan in 1933 by the notary Guido Notari, then continued by his son Giovanni and in its third generation of notaries, with the notary Mario Notari taking over in 1994;
  • the De Mojana firm, in which the notary Stefano Rampolla worked from 1999, founded and led in 1954 by the notary Landoaldo de Mojana until 2002.

The firm was later strengthened, in a continuous process of internal growth, with the association of notary Stefania Becelli (in 2007), Federico Mottola Lucano (in 2014), Marco Ferrari (in 2016), Ugo Cortese (2020) e Marta Pin (2020).



In 2021, twenty years after its foundation, the studio changes its name into “ZNR notai“, as a synthesis of the founders’ names, with the purpose of maintaining elements of continuity and combining all the notaries in the constant projection to growth and to open spaces to the new generations.