The notaries associated with the firm, coordinated by the founding members, are responsible for the management of the notarial activity, which is entrusted to different groups of collaborators.

These groups that support the notarial activity are composed by lawyers, jurisprudence doctors and other specialized assistants, with skills mainly focused on corporate and real estate transactions. The division of groups of collaborators for each notary or team of notaries is aimed at maximizing attention to customers, offering them continuous and personalized assistance.

The back office activities, mainly consisting in the execution of all the formalities linked to the notarial activity, are entrusted to a large division of the firm, organized by work sectors, coordinated by the respective managers. This permit to specialize all the support functions and to have a structure capable of dealing with large and complex corporate and real estate operations.

The structure of organization is completed by the administration and the general services, efficiently coordinated in order to optimize all the processes and the services at disposal of the various activities of the firm.

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